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Study hacks: 10 tips to make the most of your study time

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Let's be real, sometimes studying is hard! It gets boring, we fall asleep, forget what sentence we're on and reread the same page numerous times. Below are some helpful hints to keep your body and brain on track and focused on those A's.

  1. Keep a to-do list! With multiple classes and tons of homework looming in the balance it's important to keep a prioritized list of things to do. This helps you cross off what's most important first and should help you focus on what needs to be done.

  2. Create summary notes! Are you busy looking at the piles of books on your desk or under your bed? The most helpful way to keep track of what you read is to create summary notes for yourself. These are good go-to's when you have to go back and remember 4 chapters of American Lit.

  3. Take a break every 30-45 mins! It's great to power through a 3 hour study session but do you really remember everything you've read? Probably not! One of the most helpful ways to help retain the information you've digested is to take study breaks! Your brain needs a reset every so often so do yourself a favor and break responsibly.

  4. READ THE SYLLABUS! This is one of the most important tips you'll ever hear. Keeping track of assignments is YOUR responsibility. I'm pretty sure your professors/teachers get tired of repeating due dates. Be fantastic and get yourself some brownie points. Turn your assignments in on time or ahead of time.

  5. Make your notes visually appealing! It's already hard enough to look at several pages of blue or black inked notes, why not give them some spark! Little doodles in the margins of your notes, different colored inks and bright tabs bring attention to those drab notes.

  6. Review the information you learned that day later on in the day! Keep it of the easiest ways to keep new information on the mind is to review the day's information later on the same day. You've already heard it once from your professor now repeat the information for yourself to help you remember those pesky points.

  7. Sit at the front of the class whenever possible! It was all the hype to catch a seat near the back of the class but new levels require elevation. It's proven sitting near the front of the class helps improve your grades. Help yourself stay focused by sitting near the front of the class so you can more easily take notes, keep yourself from the embarrassment of falling asleep in class and engage in the class question and answer section. You'll be surprised by what you learn.

  8. Listen to classical music while studying! Tempted to watch t.v. while studying? Putting on the latest Lil Baby track? Try throwing on some classical music instead. It's been scientifically proven that classical music helps improve memorization and cognition. Mozart, Bach, Chopin and so many others... Make a classical music study playlist.

  9. DON"T BE TOO PROUD OR TOO AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! If you don't know it, ASK! One of the greatest things you can do for your life is to continuously grow and improve yourself. Asking for help only helps YOU!

  10. Get some sleep, exercise and drink water! Sounds just like your mother nagging you to take care of yourself right?! Well, she's right! Proper sleep (as best you can get), a good diet (the freshman 15 is real), regular exercise and drinking water all help keep you healthy and your brain active. If your brain is active you'll be more apt to retain the information you've learned and feel alot better doing it! Take care of yourself.

Don't forget to find yourself a quiet space, some headphones and maybe a study group to review everything you need to look at. Your success has to be important to you!

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