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Did you know?

Did you know there's a difference between 'Tutoring' and 'Homework catch up'?

Tutoring is a specific skill oriented session that focuses on the skill you've asked your tutor to pay attention to. If you are in a 2 hour math tutoring session chances are everything you learn for those 2 hours will be specifically detailed toward a skill set that needs to be developed.

Homework catch up is just as the name says, it's assistance to catch up on that pesky homework that you've gotten a little behind on. While usually on an intermittent basis, (during the school year) tutoring for homework catch up can encompass several subjects.

If you are in a 2 hour 'homework catch up' tutoring session those 2 hours will be used to catch up on any homework that is currently missing and may not necessarily be used to concentrate on a particular skill. The understanding for homework help is the skill is almost mastered and assistance is provided to keep you focused.

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