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2021 Top 10 Colleges

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Every year US News and Report releases a list of the top colleges in the US. The 2021 list has just been released and we have a few ties on the list. Most of the colleges on this list (the Ivy League institutions) offer free tuition to accepted applicants that are first time college students and/or demonstration a financial need. For families making under $65.000 a year, tuition could be free!

#1. Princeton University

#2. Harvard University

#3. Columbia University

#4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

#4. Yale University

#6. Stanford University

#6. University of Chicago

#8. University of Pennsylvania

#9. California Institute of Technology

#9. Johns Hopkins University

#9. Northwestern University

#12. Duke University

In the age of Covid-19 more universities are starting to upload virtual tours on their websites. It's definitely not the same as showing up in person but for now it's the best we've got. Check out the schools on the top ten and more!

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